New Projects !

It’s been a busy school year. Here are some interesting projects that our students are working on. In addition to making loom hats and flowers, we have expanded the program to include loom pompoms and scarves.

The scarves are a challenge. It takes a long time to finish one, so the student needs to have a large amount of patience. When a student has excelled at making a loom hat, they then have a choice of making a loom scarf.

The pompoms are a quicker and easier task. Some of our students choose to make one after completing a hat. Some students make them as a decorative item. They have been a great seller. There are 3 different sizes and are priced accordingly. They are fun to hang from a backpack, shoelace, keychain, or use as a sensory ball. The students have a blast designing them!




Our School Garden was a huge success! Our students built the garden boxes, filled,

and planted them. These were maintained and watered all summer long. The plants

look fantastic!  The students made leaf rubbings to help them identify each plant.

They also made lemon balm tea- YUM!  They smelled, tasted, and made observations.

The harvest will be available for sale. If you would like to purchase our produce, you

can contact me by writing in your child’s notebook or emailing me at

Available harvest is as follows: tomatoes, hot peppers, squash, basil, sage, lemon

balm, oregano, chives, swiss chard, kale, collard greens and thyme.

I Thank You in advance for supporting our Vocational Education Program.

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In the PS@255 Vocational Education Program, the students will work on the skills to

enable them to work independently in a work environment. They will work on

assembly tasks, a variety of sorting activities, filling orders, and long-term projects.

Periodically throughout the year, they will complete group projects as well. Our

students have made loom hats, homemade paper gift tags, and participated in our

community outreach program- Sock It To Me.

Check back periodically to see any updates. Comments can be published. I hope to

hear from you!

Springtime in our School Garden

The sun has finally come out and the students are able to go out to the school garden. First, they cleaned up by pulling out all the dead plants. Then, they laid landscape fabric down. This helps to stop weeds from growing. Then, finally, the students were able to plant seeds and plants. They can’t wait to see how everything grows!

The students each make an observation. It is quite interesting to hear how they see the world. They also take turns taking pictures. Some of the pictures below were taken by our students.

I have another SHOUT OUT to the NYC Dept of Parks for donating plants for our garden. They work closely with the Grow To Learn Program that we are part of. Check out their website

Shredding For Bedding

Our GREEN TEAM is participating in the Shredding for Bedding program. 

Every Thursday, our Green Team puts on their green work aprons and collects  scrap paper from each classroom. This paper would normally be thrown out. Instead, the students shred this paper. Then it is donated to a local pet store to be used as bedding for the animal corrals.

All of the students in  Voc Ed play a part in this great program. They are eager to use the shredder and fascinated by what it does. They do it all- collect, take out staples, pile it in boxes, and shred. What a terrific opportunity for our students!

I would also like to Shout Out to the NYC Department of Sanitation. Our Green Team has won a grant from their Zero Waste Program. I was able to purchase the Green Team work aprons and supplies needed for this program. Visit their website to learn about this NYC Initiative.

Announcing the new Zero Waste Schools (ZWS) Website & Awards!


Our vocational education students have been busy creating loom hats. They are making great choices choosing colors and different size looms. Some students work alone and some work with a partner. After finishing their first hat, they then make a choice of what to do next and who they wish to work with. This allows a freedom of movement as well as keeping their work fresh and exciting. It is great to see them socialize and build different friendships.

Our hat sale this year was a big success!  This year we will be sending some of our hats to   This is a non-profit organization that donates hats to children and adults undergoing chemotherapy.

Thanks to all who supported our program!


Welcome Back to a New School Year!



This is the PS255@PEC’s Vocational Education Website.

I will publish all of the projects that the students are working on. You will be able to see pictures as well. Check back periodically to see any updates. Comments can be published below. I hope to hear from you!

Our New School garden was a huge success! Not only did our students build the garden boxes, fill, and plant them, but they took care of and watered the garden all summer. They plants look fantastic! (see pictures below) The harvest will be available for sale at our first PTA Meeting. If you are unable to attend but still would like to purchase our produce, you can contact me by writing in your child’s notebook or emailing me at

I Thank You in advance for supporting our Vocational Education Program.

Maryellen Rice
Voc Ed Teacher         

Harvest Time in the Learning Garden!

There is lots of learning going on in the School Garden! Each time we go out, the students are making observations about what they see, hear, or do. They worked on leaf identification and did leaf rubbings. They performed the “Squeeze Test” which helps us know if the soil needs watering. Our plants were harvested, sorted and sold. I have also initiated a photography program. Many of the pictures above were taken by our students. I learned that they have a keen eye. In the future, these will be framed and sold. All proceeds go directly back into the school garden program.

Thank you for your support!

Post any comments below. I am always glad to hear from you!




IMG_0255IMG_0253 IMG_0249 IMG_0248

Here at P255@PEC, our Sock It To Me collection was a great success. Our families sent in socks and toiletry items for homeless people. These are the items that are the most needed. Our students sorted and bagged the items in the Vocational Education Program. In total, our school collected 692 pairs of socks along with toiletry items.

We had a school-wide contest to see which class sent in the most items. First Place was tied with Ms. Alyson and Ms. Susan’s classes winning a pizza party. In Second Place, was Ms. Julie’s class and third went to Ms. Tammy’s class.

Thank you to all our generous families. A big Thank you to our terrific paraprofessional, Tarris Bell, who initiated the project and delivered the items to homeless people on the streets of Manhattan.IMG_0247 IMG_0233 IMG_0245 IMG_0242 IMG_0241 IMG_0231 IMG_0228 IMG_0223


The Vocational Education students at P255@PEC

are making their own handmade paper!

This is an exciting project for them.  Not only can they get their hands wet but they are learning as well.

This correlates with our Theme of Changing Matter. They learned how to recycle paper to make new paper. This saves trees and helps our environment. They watched first hand how paper goes through various physical changes in order to make a new sheet of paper. 

The students will cut and emboss this paper to make gift tags and cards. They will package and sell these handmade items. A flyer will be sent home and you will be able to purchase these items.

Thank you for supporting the P255 vocational Education Program.

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